Journey Within: Moving to the Center of Your Growth
Journey Within: Moving to the Center of Your Growth


This journal is designed to help individuals, on their own or within groups, make concrete application of spiritual principles in their own lives. Additionally, the journal offers the readers the opportunity to capture their unique journeys in their own words.

The outcome of this process moves the person from passive reflection to action. This personal approach creates a therapeutic new self-image leading to a more positive and fulfilling life.

This journal provides the opportunity, through reflection, to become more of the person you were created to be – to become more of the real you. Read more

Rev. Dr. Larry Edmunds

About Rev. Dr. Larry Edmunds

Rev. Dr. Larry Edmunds is interested in seeing the hidden meaning beyond the outward appearance of things. He sees the things, often taken for granted in life, as informative beyond their surface. He shows us that these things have the potential to open us to deeper levels of spiritual comprehension. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

Trusting God…
Knowing God is present
And blessing your highest good
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